nEws !

January 22nd, 2019

Can you believe it?

Still working on the new album together with Moe Jaksch, I can’t wait to release it !

Last September, I had the joy of recording with Alexey Wagner on guitar and Micha Fromme on drums at Moe Jaksch’ Rocking Chair Studio in Berlin-Müggelheim.

Moe (who is a very busy man) and I, we get together as often as we can to get all the overdubbing done.

I have a strong feeling that it is going to be lovely.

I’ll keep you posted.

November 18th, 2017

Last September, something beautiful happened at Muse, where I sing (almost) every Sunday.
Tim Neuhaus came by to enjoy his day-off (before going on Tour playing drums with Clueso),
he heard me sing, we met and talked and agreed within minutes that I should go on Tour with him in December !
I will be his solo support act as well as the 5th bandmember in his band.
I am so happy, grateful, excited and looking forward to it so much !
Tim’s new (3rd) album POSE I + II is really a joy to listen to – from big rocking anthems to
sweet ballads with many subtile melodies and sound details – all played by Tim himself.
On November 27, we’ll play a couple of tour- and album songs as KETTCAR’s support act at Columbiatheater Berlin.

From the new album, here is “The Music That You Are”

September 20th, 2017

Enjoying the last sun rays of this Summer, I am already looking forward to this Fall a lot,
since there will be some touring coming up – I will be playing keys and singing with three bands that will melt into one wonderful, musical manufactory as we go on our very special “Common Grounds” Tour in mid October:

The band around musical genius Robbie AG Moore that I have been in for quite a while.
Here you can find a video of ours – can you hear me? 🙂


Here is a live video showing the talented two performing together:

Our supportive band contains of no one less than Knox Chandler, Micha Fromme, Taylor Savvy and Shelly Phillips and here are our touring dates:
October 15th // Muffathalle / München
October 16th // Fabrik / Hamburg
October 17th // Kulturkirche / Köln
October 18th // Passionskirche / Berlin

Go get your ticket !

A shortcut here:


July 4th, 2017

A warm warm welcome to you as my dear visitor !
Yay, the website is up !

Feel free to write me with comments, suggestions, ideas, requests to

At the time, I am excited to work on various levels on my new album of originals
that I hope will see the light soon.
I am going to keep you posted here and at and

Stay tuned <3