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September 20th, 2017

Enjoying the last sun rays of this Summer, I am already looking forward to this Fall a lot,
since there will be some touring coming up – I will be playing keys and singing with three bands that will melt into one wonderful, musical manufactory as we go on our very special “Common Grounds” Tour in mid October:

The band around musical genius Robbie AG Moore that I have been in for quite a while.
Here you can find a video of ours – can you hear me? 🙂



Here is a live video showing the talented two performing together:

Our supportive band contains of no one less than Knox Chandler, Micha Fromme, Taylor Savvy and Shelly Phillips and here are our touring dates:
October 15th // Muffathalle / München
October 16th // Fabrik / Hamburg
October 17th // Kulturkirche / Köln
October 18th // Passionskirche / Berlin

Go get your ticket !

A shortcut here:




July 4th, 2017

A warm warm welcome to you as my dear visitor !
Yay, the website is up !

Feel free to write me with comments, suggestions, ideas, requests to

At the time, I am excited to work on various levels on my new album of originals
that I hope will see the light soon.
I am going to keep you posted here and at and

Stay tuned <3