Singer & songwriter
Fender Rhodes & doublebass player
solo & with band concerts (both private & public)
live & studiowork singing lead
singing coach
arranging & singing choirs of all kinds
playing bass & Fender Rhodes live


Iris Romen is a singer, singing teacher, instrumentalist and composer,
born and raised in Maastricht (the Netherlands), living in Berlin since 2004.
As a child, she has always been convinced of her existence making sense as a singer and songwriter.
At 18, she started singing with a little orchestra called The Spats Company, by cello player Gabor Bartos. Music from the roaring twenties !

Singing with The Spats Company at 18

While listening to grunge, Iris started studying Jazz Singing at the Maastricht Conservatorium,
where she got her diploma cum laude in 2001.. while listening to rock and cuban music.
In 2004, after having lived in and toured through several places in Europe and beyond,
she moves to Berlin where she enjoys the wide scale of music styles and opportunities
to make music in various settings.

Live with Ray Collins Hot-Club,
Festsaal Kreuzberg, 2013

With Andrej Hermlin and his Band,
recording the Billie Holiday tribute album,
„I Hear Music“

Performing Brecht at Clärchens Ballhaus
with Wolfgang Zechlin and Thomas Büchel

Be it rocking her contrabass and singing with her all-girl countrypunk band The Runaway Brides,

singing as the bandleader to the weekly Schwoof at Clärchens Ballhaus, or with Andrej Hermlin’s 1930’s bigband, at Adlon or at the Philharmony.

Solo in Eberswalde

Solo in Eberswalde

CD release concert at Heimathafen, Berlin, 2013

With actor and singer Ben Becker
live at St. Pauli Theater

With Astrid North at Bar Jeder Vernunft, 2016

With her own band, or as a guest with Astrid North, Ben Becker, Tele, Robbie AG Moore, members of The BossHoss, Johnny Trouble, Lüül, Mark Scheibe, Joy Denalany, Señor Torpedo or Ray Collins,
at ATrane, Bar Jeder Vernunft, White Trash, on radio or tv or in any smaller or bigger venue
across Germany and Europe.
Along the way, she learned to play the contrabass, her Fender Rhodes and Framus guitar, that are today
part of her solo set-up.
In 2008, she and Marc Schmolling win the Berlin Jazz Prize
In 2013, she releases her first album of originals „Vintage Gal Hour“ with Michael Rank’s Chet Records (department of Kosmo Music) label,
supported by the federal sponsorship of Initiative Musik and a publishing deal with Universal Publishing.

Finally, the first originals are seeing the light ! 

Since 2014, Iris is a singing teacher two days a week in her special sounding room in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.
Since April 2016, every Sunday, Iris sings at her her steady solo gig at Muse Berlin (café & restaurant) during Sunday brunch (Prenzlauer Berg).
A new album of originals is in the making and is planned to be released in 2017.

IRIS ROMEN & Vintage Hotel
Alexey Wagner (guitar)
Micha Fromme (drums)

Robot (with Robbie AJ Moore, Knox Chandler, Micha Fromme, Taylor Savvy)
Andrej Hermlin and his Swing Dance Orchestra
Dukish Vagabonds

December 2017:
Tim Neuhaus

The Runaway Brides (all-girl country  band)
Señor Torpedo
Astrid North
Ben Becker (Yoyo Röhm, Toby Dammit, Gary Schmalzer)
The BossHoss
Big Band der Deutschen Oper
Jesper Munk

Above: With Malcolm and Ansgar of The BossHoss and
Pascal Briggs
Mark Scheibe
Ray Collins’ Hot Club
Johnny Trouble


Katie Melua
Joy Denalane

2013 // Iris Romen – Vintage Gal Hour
2009// Señor We Wanna Be From Sweden
2007 // Andrej Hermlin And His Swing Dance Orchestra – I Hear Music (Billie Holiday tribute)
2003 // Señor Torpedo – Through Night Scenes
2003 // Down South – One On One
2015 // Tabou
2014 // Born To Be Wild
2013 // Dance With Me
2008 // You Go To My Head – Andrej Hermlin & His Swing Dance Orchestra

2008 // Marc Schmolling & Iris Romen / Jazz Preis Berlin 2008 „Ella“